Episode V

Friday 30/09

And so the final episode of Leonora Bush Mission 2016 has come to a close. The morning was spent with the children at the Rec. Centre, the story, “Daniel and the Lions Den”. The Michaels (Lee and Fobister) led the bible talk before groups discussions, games, and craft. There was much excitement to this mornings session with the local police stopping by to talk safety with the kids and give let them play in their car, all before the close of the drama production that saw the introduction of Darth Paul and Darth Brenda (Michael Lee and Maya). The finale of our final session included pinatas and balloons filled with candy – much to the joy of all involved!

The afternoon was spent packing up, saying our farewells to the kids, and trying not to fall asleep on the job before we headed out for dinner.

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Time flies by when you’re having fun. This phrase can be used to describe our week here in Leonora. I could have sworn that Monday took three days, however as the week moved on, it felt as if each day only lasted only a few hours.

Our journey and mission here in Leonora have come to an end; everyone cleaning and packing up in the Recreation Centre. We celebrated the week in a local restaurant, everyone having great times and laughs. Now, we are all preparing for the long journey back home to Perth. In my opinion, this year could be one of the best I ever had here. Can’t wait for the next year.

– Ruben Mellado


Episode IV

Thursday 29/09/16

Thursday morning was all about Daniel and the writing on the wall – Josiah and Richmond presented the bible story with finesse before we made kingly jewellery with the kids in their groups and discussed the story in more depth. Craft time included wax paintings, balloon cannons, space globes, and clothes peg spiders, all before we saw the fourth installment of the Rehoboth Crews 5 part play led by Captain Kim (Richmond Cai).

Gwalia in the afternoon with the bush mission team was a real highlight – the old ghost town provided an intriguing insight into the history of the area (and there were some great photo opportunities!). The nearby Mt Leonora came under some heavy criticism (it’s not a mountain), but it was valiantly defended Mrs Henderson.

Personally, my favourite moments of the day came whilst playing sport with the kids this evening and on the bus (taking the kids back home). The opportunities to talk with the kids and tell them about God’s love for them is a real joy!

Below are some images from the day and some highlights from Ivan And Michael.

Today was a good day, we all had fun. It was the usual fun morning session that we normally did with the kids, they were more calm today and more easily to handle which was good for us (and allowed us to have some great conversations with them!). We had an egg throwing competition between two players, the loser was the one who dropped it and they were not hard boiled. It was eggcellent… Instead of an afternoon session today we visited Gwalia ghost town, museum and mine. The museum was free this year since it was funded by royalties for regions. We had a walk through there and and the open parts of the village.  We saw the new open pit mine, we also saw the old mine in the museum and compared the differences. In the evening, we had a wood fired barbeque and played sport and sung songs with the kids on the oval. They all had great fun and enjoyed all the fun games and especially the hot dogs. We then set up for the final morning session with the kids, it included blowing up balloons with lollies inside of them. Some of us dance all the way there and had great fun!

– Michael Fobister and Ivan Cao

Tomorrow is the last day of activities before pack up and the journey home. Stay tuned!

Episode III

Wednesday 28/09/16

Today, Ruben and Ivan – with some local helpers – taught us about Shadrack, Meshack, and Abednego and their trust in God when faced with the Fiery furnace (And how God protected them!). This was followed with singing, games, small group activities (where we can discuss the bible story) and morning tea. After morning tea we had the 3rd installment of our Rehoboth students intergalactic play which involved much pantomime style “He’s behind you!” interaction with the kids. In the afternoon we ran sports on the oval for the older kids and crafts (face painting – see the photos for the evidence) with the younger kids. It has been excellent to get to know the kids and to have the opportunity to share with them the joy of Knowing God as our Saviour! The evening activity was a song and games night with the parents which turned out to be a real hoot!

Mr Taylor

Sui Sangte Chung –
Today I woke up early in the morning to Avril singing her beautiful (but not so in tune song). My highlight of the day was when we had the delicious home cooked curry made by Allison and Annalise (the cooking has been superb all week!). During dinner my table was quite lively with their constant laughing and giggling at NOTHING. But we all managed to finished our dinner without any embarrassing accidents. My other highlight of the day was seeing Ivan, Alistair and My Taylor’s artistic face paint (done by the kids during craft). Ivan was a clown, Alistair became the Joker, and Mr Taylor was a Spiderman with various other painting all over his arms.

Alistair Wong-
I enjoyed the third day in Leonora (Wednesday). We spent time performing (with the talented Richmond Cai) and spending time with the children. The afternoon was very entertaining as we watched the children paint one another’s faces and do nails. We later spent time playing fun activities and performing magic tricks with the parents and the kids (for the parent games night). My favourite part of the evening was seeing the kids happy.

Tomorrow we will be running the morning program followed by a big bbq with all the kids in the afternoon.

Episode II (delayed)

Tuesday the 27/09/16

Eryn Blennerhassett –

We woke up once again to Avril’s “rise and shine” song (which was of course, lovely). We all got ready and headed over to the Rec Centre to get ready and rehearse for the rest of the day. The kids all arrived and we started the day’s activities with some colouring and building makeshift rockets and aliens in my group. After the morning session I went on the bus to drop all the kids home, which was really interesting. We then had the Afternoon session where we did sports on the oval, face painting, nail polish and playing in the Rec Centre. I ended up with an octopus on my face, and two love hearts, one starfish and a scorpion on my arms. After all that was finished, we had dinner and got ready for the movie night, where we watched ‘How to Train Your Dragon’ which was heart wrenching. It was pretty windy on the way back home so we all arrived partially crying and then crashed (fell asleep) soon after – except for Alistair and Richmond of course, who tragically got locked in the bathroom blocks (but are now safe and sound, thanks to Mr. Taylor).

Ivan Cao –

It was a good day to wake up again. Shame I didn’t wake up immediately at 6:00 and needed a bit of extra motivation to get up. This morning Ms Webster and I went to the bus and picked up the kids around and around their house. The kids were really excited and kept asking what we are watching tonight – They really want to watch Star Wars. We were having fun doing the activities with the kids and my group make the biggest mess while doing the activities but it was fun! We then had afternoon tea, then playing sports (cricket and volleyball) and I slept. I think every day people expect me to do a prank but not today, I was being a good boy. At dinner, Ruben thought I purposely spilled water on him, and he was being funny in my eyes so I really wanted to laugh at him but I felt really bad if I laugh at him. At night time it was a growling wind and we were all freezing while we walked, until we went inside (to our cosy sleeping bags). Looking forward to tomorrow!

Tune in later today for episode III

Episode 1

Monday 26/09/16


Today was the first day of the Leonora Program. It was overwhelming, exhausting and tough, but you know what? It was one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. We woke up at the crack of dawn and the program started not long after, there was barely any breaks and there was constant action. I was leading the youngest group and I had to play the role of Captain Kim (a character in our play) and the children responded very well, they were very attached to me and soon I felt the same. I was with the ‘arts’ group for the second session and had my finger nails and face painted. I drew myself a beard and Alistair even refused to wash his hands to keep the nail polish on! The day ended with a high intensity and active ‘games night’, which left me almost dead but thirsty for more!

– Richmond

We had an awesome first day with the kids in Leonora. The activities and kids kept us on our toes and we are happy to get to bed tonight. It was, however, an amazing experience learning about the kid’s lives. We started off with a morning wake up song/worship, then got strait into picking the kids up on the bus, then had a great time learning about the bible and singing songs about Jesus. This arvo, they had the option of playing sport on the oval or craft in the gym. I played a footy match with the kids and a volleyball “game” which was lots of fun. At night we ran some fun games that the kids really enjoyed because they were still full of beans at 7:00 at night. Over all the kids enjoyed it, we enjoyed it, and I’m pretty sure God enjoyed it too.

– Josiah

Tune in tomorrow for Episode 2!

In a galaxy far, far, away…

Sunday the 25th September 2016


Thoughts from the students:

The trip to Leonora (Saturday) felt like I was on a plane (with more comfortable seats of course), we kept ourselves busy with reading, card games, more reading, more card games and the occasional sleep. When we arrived we were all happy – except Ivan because he lost a bet on when we would get there.

Today (Sunday) we finished preparing the Rec centre for the kids for tomorrow; setting up tables, putting down mats, decorating the place with stars and planets. Went to the local church in the morning which was pretty cool. When we were walking back to our accommodation (the sports club) tonight, three of us decided to run ahead (because, why not?) one went to the entrance to the sport centre to wait for the others while Ivan and I decided to try to scare the rest. We were found out before we could actually do it but I could hear them getting afraid, Maya turned on her light and saw us, but I won’t lie, It was fun while it lasted. – Michael Lee

On Saturday we arrived at the rec centre at around 6:40 pm. The ride was very long, thank goodness we had some breaks along the way because if we didn’t I would have gone crazy, as I have never travelled that long before. While sleeping someone in the room has snoring very heavily and that disturbed some of us from sleeping, I am not sure how many hours I slept, probably five hours or less. It was very fun annoying Mr Taylor with the song ‘Hotline Bling.’ Today (Sunday) we woke up in preparation for church, it was a bit different from the church I go to, it was quite small and not that many people could fit in. When we headed back to the rec centre we started preparing for the skits that each of us were assigned to act out to the kids, it took a while but we finally did it!  – Maya

All in all it’s been a great start to the trip (with the occasional hic up here and there), and the night sky here is worth the trip!

Pray for us as we start the program tomorrow – for the kids that attend and for the team.

Signing off for now,

Introducing the 2016 Bush Mission

This year the Rehoboth Space Academy will be making the voyage to the Goldfields town of Leonora. Their mission – share the good new of Christ with anyone they meet! (If you haven’t guessed yet, the theme for this years bush mission is Space!)

Departure time: 0600 hours on the 24th of September from Rehoboth Christian College in Kenwick.

Mission Brief: Run a holiday club for the children of the area. Throughout the week the children who attend will enjoy singing, games, skits, craft, bible stories, sport and more! Our aims; build relationships with the people of Leonora, share the Gospel, demonstrate Christ’s love, and grow in our Faith.

Return Date: 2000 hours, Sunday the 1st of October. 
Please pray for us as we finish preparations for the trip and for safe travel on Saturday the 24th of September. 
Remember to look out for Mission updates between the 24/9/16 and the 1/10/16
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